By Samskruthi Parthasarathi


Waste management services can be complex in nature as we need to consider all different disposal and transportation methods, and even temporary storage before final disposal. Then there are requirements based on waste types and multiple vehicles, following various urban or rural regulations, and finally adhering to health or ecological requirements. A consultant who is knowledgeable on waste management can not only bring costs down for a company but can also bring to attention the following crucially important points:


  1. Is your waste management company properly licensed? Beware, because although markets may have regulations in place, control is another issue. Many providers are operating without proper licenses and registration. Without these permits and checks in place, the waste carrier may be disposing of your waste illegally and breaking the law in countless other ways. Always check their credentials and do sufficient due-diligence on them, including down to the qualifications of their truck drivers.
  2. According to local laws, the producer of waste is as liable as the waste management company for final disposal. In short, it doesn’t matter who picks up and stores and sorts your waste. You will be finally held responsible, including for improper disposal that can significantly count to pollution.
  3. As companies preach social responsibility, they must be aware of which methods can have an adverse affect on the environment. Landfills can contaminate soil with waste chemicals, fill the atmosphere with toxins, and have a serious impact on a community’s ecosystem and the health of its inhabitants. Take methane for example; a powerful gas released from landfills into the atmosphere. It goes on to spread pathogens in freshwater and agricultural soil. Any so called concerned and eco-conscious company does not want to be responsible for the spread of disease or a health outbreak. They have a responsibility to keep waste to a minimum and to do everything they can to reuse, recycle or recover waste. Furthermore, by increasing your green credentials, you will attract more businesses and individuals who want to work with you.
  4. A fresh approach to costs. While this is an important factor, chasing value is more important for the long term in any business. Our advice is to strike a balance between cost and value and use a contractor who is compliant, so that you avoid risks of enforcement and prosecution. Secondly, stay local, which in itself will reduce costs. Waste sites should ideally be chosen by proximity, ensuring transport costs and miles are kept low. And finally, choose a small or medium sized company without the overheads of several management rungs. For example, at ILC, we will pass on any savings to you. Our simple structure allows us to be nimble and reactive to your needs so that you are not faced with costly delays.


For a professional and accredited waste management service, look no further than ILC. Our consultants are hard-working, passionate about social responsibility and among pioneers in this field in Panama. We guarantee first class, tailor made service, and peace of mind to our customers. For more information and an appointment contact us at