Whether you are an outpatient clinic, healthcare facility or a pharmacy, you are liable for final disposal of the medical related waste you produce. However, as a business, it is not always practical or feasible to provide your own incineration methods and governments do not provide extensive waste management services. Improper disposal will not only land you in trouble but also create adverse effects on the environment and public health.

The solution

Healthcare facilities used to have on-site incinerators but that proved to be a disaster. They were often too insufficient to cope with high volumes and contributed greatly to pollution. Also, with waste management not being a core part of their business, selecting and operating equipment was an extra responsibility – and one they were not expert at. Since then, private contractors, such as Intercontinental Logistics Corp., have taken over this task. When choosing such a contractor, it is essential to mitigate your risks and make sure they have proper permits and knowledge of local laws and regulations and that they are not simply removing your waste and dumping it illegally somewhere else.

How we can help

ILC has a business unit that specializes in transporting waste to our premises for incineration or thermal treatment. We carry out all steps and reduce costs this way.


To take the worry out for our customers, we can provide daily to weekly collection services. Our equipment includes not only wheeled bins, skips and skip hire, but also specialist hazardous waste collection boxes and trucks. Safety and adhering to correct regulations are our priority. Our truck drivers are more than just drivers. They know how to correctly label and treat different wastes, to provide a fresh supply of collection bags and how to leave your premises clean and safe. They also clean and disinfect our transport vehicles on a daily basis at the end of the journey.

Disposal and incineration services

Our on-site equipment includes compactors, reducers and medium and large specialist waste incinerators. Our machines are reliable and ensure secure destruction of all bio-hazard waste. Incineration is considered a safe way to treat pharma waste, biological and medical waste and is ideal for healthcare facilities (i.e. sharp waste).

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