Did you know ILC’s UniHealth offers Hospital Logistics and Supply Chain services throughout Panama after successful operations in Brazil and Colombia? UniHealth’s aim is to improve on healthcare facility logistics, including management and dispensing of supplies and medicines. Their specialist software ensures accurate medicine dispensing to the patient’s hand while maintaining operations at your healthcare facility and preventing errors.

Here’s a brief look at the scope of operations:

Hospital Administration

Our software and trained personnel can plan, organize and coordinate all your hospital activities. We guarantee efficient service, cost control and safety. Administration pertains to not only daily tasks such as payments, employees, bed management and equipment maintenance, but also drug use and storage. We understand that after payroll, consumables are the biggest expense at hospitals and their proper usage and storage can lead to happy patients as well as profitability.

Drug and Materials Inventory Management

To avoid running out of medicines and equipment, inventory management is especially important. Our software carries out actions for receiving, checkout, addressing according to the batch, expiration dates, traceability, dispensing and purchase planning, to name a few. This also helps curb waste, which can account for up to 30% of costs at healthcare facilities.

Intra-Hospital Management

Within the hospital and with partners and suppliers, it makes all the difference to be on the same page for administrative and operational purposes. From delivery to follow ups, storage and distribution, keeping all parties aware and informed supports a seamless supply chain. Benefits include less waste when it comes to products as well as time.

Drug separation

This step of the supply chain involves separating bulk orders into individual doses which are packed and labelled according to local regulations and requirements. This can be quite an intensive step of the supply chain as packaging must adhere to local as well as GS1 standards. UniHealth software reduces the time and effort needed as it supports collaboration between patient dosages and the physician’s directions. Achieve fast and safe rates of packaging and even dispensing with our software.

Drug Traceability

Traceability is especially essential during a drug recall. Without traceability, it is impossible to identify which patients have taken which drugs (nurses scan the barcodes when a drug is taken by a patient) and to inform all concerned in the case of a safety recall. Barcodes also prevent counterfeit and illegitimate pharmaceutical products from being delivered to patients. At any moment, UniHealth can track the supply stage of a batch of medicine or track back its history and location of origin. Traceability also improves security within a hospital and is in fact becoming a regulatory and legal requirement in several countries.

Reverse Drug Logistics

As mentioned, knowing the back history of pharmaceutical products from origin to warehouse to delivery at the healthcare facility to the patient’s hand holds the appropriate person accountable. Reverse logistics deals with the return of unused products to the supplier and also includes accounting and financial reversal of such consumables. Thus, if a patient does not take a drug for whatever reason, this will be immediately reflected in the software and all stages of the supply chain will be aware.

Pharmaceutical Logistics

We can cover and manage all of your supply chain at any of the three stages you pick. Either at storage, transportation, dispensing or all three. Using traceability software, pharmaceutical logistics reduces losses due to theft while also improving patient safety as errors in prescription and dispensing are drastically reduced.

Patient safety

Patient safety and efficient internal processes can never be neglected. Incorrect medicine is fatal and errors do occur at all stages of a supply chain. To correctly identify products and medicines, and ensure accurate patient data especially at bedside, UniHealth software ensures the right patient will receive the right drug at the right time and right dosage. This is not restricted to the bedside, but also covers pharmacy or other outpatient services.

From the inpatient ward to the pharmacy, improving hospital logistics will not only reduce costs but also contributes to continuous improvement of healthcare administration. It creates confidence in patients and improves information between patients and personnel and management. For more information on executing logistics for your healthcare facility, contact