We would like to let you know directly about the steps we are taking to keep up and preserve the operations of our supply chains from our headquarters in Panama Pacifico. 

Our thoughts go out to all of you who have been affected by this event. Health and wellbeing is an absolute priority and we would like to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to continue and even strengthen our relationships with our suppliers, especially for medical devices and pharmaceuticals in order to reach people who are in need.  

High demand from the healthcare industry has prompted us to improve the efficacy of our supply chains by rescaling and strategizing on volumes and deliveries. We are stepping up production and cooperation with our reliable partners, especially for masks, gowns, testing equipment and other protective equipment in order to meet the needs of governments and customers in the region. Our intra-hospital logistics arm is here to ensure zero error, uptodate inventory through newer models of forecasting, as well as safe transportation, storage and dispensing of necessary materials for healthcare facilities. Also, we are constantly involved with our lastmile players who are crucial for reaching homebound populations.  

In our warehouses, we already have very robust hygiene standards but we are also closely following advice from WHO and the Panama Ministry of Health. We have introduced additional cleaning especially at high contact points and have reminded our employees on the importance of hand washing and maintaining social distance. Our workforce is split into tiger teams which work on demand and following a very tight schedule.  

Customers can choose pre-scheduled and consolidated delivery of goods in order to reduce exposure and interaction through the supply chain. Our administrative team is working from home, monitoring day to day activities and serving customers and urgent inquiries better than ever.  

We will keep you updated on any changes to our services but at the moment we are acting quickly to protect goods and delivery and managing the impact to distribution channels. 

Finally, may we please request you all to maintain kindness at this timeWe would like to wish you and your families well and if you have any supply queries, please contact us at